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At some point people realized that chasing after a ball on flat ground became a little too boring, so they came up with a new sport. One that still requires players to wear shoulder pads and helmets, and tackle each other. Welcome to Yahrit!

Yahrit! is a local multiplayer game. It combines fighting game with platformer mechanics. The rules are simple: you can run, jump and dash. The tricky is part is that you don't get to shoot or slash - the only way to hit your opponent is to dash right at them!

What to expect

  • Local multiplayer for 2-4 players
  • Fast paced gameplay
  • Easy to grap platformer mechanics
  • Generally a good party game
  • Cleverly combine running, double-jumping and dashing to trick your opponents
  • Beautiful handcrafted pixel art
  • Full controller support
  • Up to 2 players can play using keyboard
  • No frustrating prompts popping up whenever you just want to quit the game

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